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Liftlazy Whenevercast: Episode 1

The Whenevercast is my version of a podcast. A few things led to the selection of the name. For starters, I really wasn’t sure if anybody still used an iPod. There was also the need for a name that would stand … Continue reading

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BMI Tests For Pilots: Avoiding The Issue

The proposed addition of neck circumference and BMI testing to the airman’s medical exam is inaccurate, misguided and of limited usefulness. The impetus behind this screening is the recent spate of tired pilots making mistakes and even falling asleep while … Continue reading

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I Know Why You Go To Extremes

. Why did I post this awesome song that formed a musical bridge between the decades of the 80s and the 90s? Easy, because the tagline is exactly what many people who workout do without even knowing it. Like an … Continue reading

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Resolutioneer’s Guide To Not Burning Out (original post date 12/21/2012)

They’re coming. The Resolutioneers. Every year, they show up in droves to the gym to get in shape. And they take no prisoners. They’ll go from machine to machine, throw weights around and run so much that they consider selling … Continue reading

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Of Plans, Spines and Running

Some things I plan quite well. Others, not so much. For an example of the latter, take this weekend and the Carrollton Trails 5k. I haven’t run in a timed race for roughly a year, strike one. Strike two is … Continue reading

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