In this section are short articles and observations about health, fitness and exercise that may be of help to you.

A Dream Come True

BMI Test For Pilots: Avoiding The Issue

Free Your Hands For Exercise

Don’t Blame The Holidays

Self Preservation And The Art Of Lifting – Not wanting to get hurt can hurt you.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Stop staring at yourself, it’s killing your form.

I Know Why You Go To Extremes – Realism and Patience are your best friends.

Four Wheels – Just some tires to get me tired.

No Excuses – I’m destroying your escape paths. You call them reasons, I call them excuses.

Breaking The Chain – Use aviation methodology to stop an injury before it even happens.

Of Plans, Spines and Running – Plan ahead for special events, get your back adjusted and put one foot in front of the other.

Clean Up Cleans – Eliminate common errors from the clean.

Resolutioneer’s Guide To Not Burning Out – Don’t over-do it this January.

Form Follows Function – Control yourself. Get everything you need from it…it being the workout.

Running Lazy – How to run with maximum efficiency.


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