About Christopher

This is the page where I’m supposed to wow you with all of my certifications. In all honesty, the most important qualification I hold is empathy. Oh sure I know all the muscle groups, joints, planes of motion, all the long-syllable things that any good trainer should know. I also read constantly on new discoveries in nutrition and exercise techniques (often more aptly described as “rediscoveries”). But the one thing that has helped my clients enjoy and get something useful out of their training with me is the fact that I listen to them, understand that everyone is different and look at the big picture (for instance, if a client is still sleepy from a late night at work, I won’t have them do complex overhead lifts).

I’ve been a certified trainer since 2003. Previously certified by ACE, I now carry an ACT card along with CPR/AED. I’ve worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and yoga instructor for a very large state university (where I earned my degrees in Sociology and Geography). My duties there encompassed everything from VO2 Max testing, to metabolic rate analysis, to sports specific training several of the intramural and club teams. During this time, I also competed at the state level on Team NJ, an Olympic Lifting Team in North/Central New Jersey.  As a member of the team, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a week training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Later I worked as a personal trainer for different gym chains in NJ and New York City. The experience was valuable, however my training style and the directives set by the main offices were often at odds. There just was not enough time to educate clients on what they were supposed to do, have them warm up, run through the workout, stretch them and then debrief for next session. I could always explain things between their sets but their mind was not in learning mode. Regardless, all of my clients saw definite results after very short periods of time. In fact, some of the biggest gains were created not by exercises but by stretching, something that was sorely lacking in some of the 9-5 (actually 9-7) work crowd.

After a hiatus and subsequent move to Dallas, I’ve decided to offer my style of training to the public. With the popularity of boot camps nationwide and high intensity home workout programs, I firmly believe that there is a need for a different style of training. Not everybody can run around like they’re at Camp Lejune, or dance like they’re at Carnival. The word intensity is often confused with speed or pace. My workouts are calm but very intense. They can also very brief,  a valuable alternative to those who want to exercise but cannot or will not spend hours in a gym.

I hope that I can be of help to many of you in the future, so if you are discouraged, concerned, confused, or otherwise wondering about exercise and training, please contact me through the form on this page.


Christopher Williams, ACT #177928



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