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When Cardio Isn’t

Cardio doesn’t have to be on machines. Have fun!

Why Lift Lazy?

Lift Lazy is not a hot new trend in fitness. It’s just my personal philosophy on exercise. Over the years I’ve witnessed a lot of people moving around without actually going anywhere. The time, effort and money wasted because the client didn’t have a basic understanding of how their body works is staggering. For the majority of the population who don’t have an extra 3 hours daily to spend at the gym, it is also unacceptable. The information you get on this website is designed to teach you more about how the body responds to various exercises. In plain language, how to reach your goals with less effort (notice, I didn’t say “no effort”…I said “less effort”).

You may find this website useful if…

  • If you are tired of working out and not knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • If you are tired of workouts that don’t fit your personality
  • If you are tired of workouts that seem like they were made up as an afterthought
  • If you are tired of putting in effort and still not seeing results
  • If you are tired of not knowing what to believe when it comes to fitness
  • If you really don’t like working out but know you need to
  • If you think you need to be in shape before you can do a workout program

If any of these apply to you, start browsing through the articles, listening to the Whenevercasts or contact me personally with any questions.


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